Posted 2 months ago
This is based on my Guild Wars 2 character. He wears a white tri-corner hat.

This is based on my Guild Wars 2 character. He wears a white tri-corner hat.

Posted 3 months ago

The Last West: Volume Two


Check out the video that Nick Boyer and I made for this awesome kickstarter! Really great art with an epic storyline! Here’s to the last installment of The Last West comic! Help these talented gentlemen get their baby funded!

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Posted 5 months ago

Monument Valley is a gorgeous game. It just needed a little Bowie…

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I’m excited to be going over small-scale proofs of much larger metal prints for an upcoming exhibition of illustrations I did, some alone and some in collaboration with colleagues, for or related to Avatar and Korra between 2003 and 2013. I’ll be posting more information on the exhibition very soon, but for now I can at least say it will be in the greater Boston area. Stay tuned!

Posted 5 months ago

Lego faces have gotten more expressive over the years, but nothing beats the originals from the late 80s, early 90s. Made with Adobe Illustrator CC’s pattern tool, textured in Photoshop.

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I recently got into playing Numenera, my first Tabletop RPG. I really like the unusual dice shapes and decided to make a seamless pattern.

Posted 6 months ago

WIP of Soos dressed as Tingle. Originally started with me drawing Dipper as Link, then thinking about who would be the other characters. It’s the perfect way of trying to get bac into using my drawing tablet.

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Sparkler fun times

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I am so so so excited for this game by Double Fine. It’s an adventure game, something you just don’t encounter these days anymore. Watch the trailer, get hyped!!

Pre-order on Steam!

This is definitely worth looking into…